Company Profile

“In a glorious span since 1982, the journey of Noble Refractories has been a true saga of success; we have evolved from a small Refractory Unit with a capacity of 300 TPM to one of the largest units in Western India.

Noble was incorporated by a first generation entrepreneur, Shri Ghanshyam Govindram Dholaria, a ceramic technocrat with an astute vision and sharp business skills. From an unusual corporate story of a path-breaker, Noble has grown in size and stature, with enhanced plant capacity, upgraded technology, focus on import substitutes and solutions for high-end applications in the industry.

Noble has an acknowledged international presence and has reached global markets across the Gulf, SAARC Countries, African Countries and Asia-Pacific Region. We owe this success to the true grit, dedication and compromise. This has helped create benchmarks for others to emulate all the time.

With a myriad customer base, it is pivotal for Noble to cater to all their needs; hence, we offer the complete range of refractory products, ranging from Ranging From: High Alumina Bricks & Shapes up to (90%) Alumina, Monolithics all Ranges, PCPF Blocks, Sillimanite & Mullite Bricks & Hi-Tech Insulation Bricks up to (60%) Alumina. We supplement our products basket with Metallic Anchors & Support all our Customers by Offering Quality Refractory Materials in Difference Sectors ( Steel, Cement, Ceramics, and Others like Ferrous & Non-Ferrous, Glass, Aluminium, Forging & Foundries etc ).

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